Empowery Partners are Recognized as Industry Leaders & Trustworthy Service Providers Worldwide.

Apply for a mutually beneficial marketing agreement with our co-op.  Put us to work for you! Partners are required to pay an annual marketing fee, which will be refunded to you if you do not qualify.



  • Immediate Referrals

    We will immediately introduce you to our members, who are eager for your solution to their pain point. Our co-op members are eCommerce sellers who joined because they want to use services like yours to optimize their Amazon or eCommerce business.

  • Free Marketing

    As a preferred partner, our aim is to deliver a 10X return on your investment with us using a marketing plan customized for your company. This plan is across all social media platforms and beyond!

  • Amazon Resources and Events

    We are a combination of sellers and partners, all entrepreneurs, who have seen it all! You can be featured at one of our online or in-person events for better networking and exposure. We can even put you in touch with other partners who may need your unique solutions!

  • Live Social Media  Appearances

    One of the first things we will do to celebrate that you've joined our cooperative is schedule an appearance for you on the eCommerce Connection Show and Invite you to be a Guest Speaker during our Monthly All Hands Call. This is a great way to introduce yourself and meet out members.  


Secure Order

256-bit encryption

Money Back

30-day refund policy

If you believe in a community that focuses on doing the right thing for members and consumers and you want to help your community members enhance their operational leverage and equity in their business, then you should join us in our crusade to make the internet a better place for everyone.


"I am a service provider. Empowery is a peer group... where successful business owners meet... to come together and talk about what's going on and what are best practices... It's really the cream of the crop for eCommerce and FBA vendors."

Tod Fiscus


"...It's not always what you know, it's who you know that's going to get you ahead in business. And the networks and the connections and the friends that you make is where it's all at. So, Empowery is one of the best places you can do that because Steve and his team is one of the best and the top in the business, so I highly recommend..."  

Kevin King

eCommerce Entrepreneur

"I was a speaker at the first Empowery conference in Seattle, WA.. it was a great, great experience... fantastic networking opportunity, met many high-level, successful business people... The networking opportunities are awesome. If you have an opportunity to join Empowery, I highly recommend that you do."

Rick Cesari

Direct Response Video Pioneer

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